Which Winter Boots? Choosing the Best Winter Footwear

Here is our advice on how to choose the best winter footwear for you.

Which Winter Boots Are the Warmest?


Snow boots are the warmest winter boots you’ll find. They have a rubber sole, this is to make sure the boots are waterproof without adding any waterproofing treatment. This also means the boots are super easy to clean, you can just rinse them down. Either leather or nylon is used on the upper part of the snow boot. The insoles usually have layers of faux sheepskin or other soft warm fabrics.  If you’re looking for affordable men’s snow boots or women’s snow boots, check out the Shoe Zone range.

If you simply need a pair of boots to keep your feet toasty in the winter, there are other winter boots that are not as bulky as snow boots. There are certain factors that winter boots have to make them warmer.

Faux fur helps keep your feet warm, therefore it’s very often used in the making of cosy winter boots. Some boots have a fur insole, or a fur lining and others just have a fur collar. There are also various different heights of boot: ankle, calf, knee high and over the knee. The higher the boots are, the more of your leg they will keep warm.

The materials used on the insole and on the upper part of the boot should also be focused on warmth. Look out for insoles made from a warm, comfortable material. When it comes to the upper half of the boots, leather or suede help to keep feet toasty.

Which Winter Boots Have The Best Grip?

Once again snow boots are winners when it comes to traction. They have a rubber sole that has a good grip so they are safe enough to walk on ice and snow. This is because they are made for people that are constantly in the harsh winter weather. This often means there is ice too, so these boots need to provide warmth and protection as well as traction to keep the wearer safe and warm.

If you’re just looking for everyday winter boots, there are a few ways to add traction to your shoes. The first option is to buy some city crampons. This is essentially a rubber band that wraps around the sole of the shoes and have little metal coils running across the sole of the shoe.  These are great when you’re dealing with icy conditions as the coils stick into the ice, giving you a firmer grip. If these aren’t for you, look for a pair of winter boots with a strong rubber tread, almost like wellington boot soles. Then these shoes will have a good grip in all kinds of snow. The rubber will be waterproof too.

Winter Boots For Walking


If you’re looking for winter boots that you can walk long distances in, you’re better off going with a pair of walking or hiking boots. Winter boots are there to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the winter period, not to look after your feet on a long walk. Walking boots are made to keep your feet safe and look after your ankles while you’re on long walks. Sometimes you can find the walking or hiking boots that are waterproof too. Most of these boots keep your feet warm. Although, winter boots are perfectly fine for everyday shop runs, or for short walks with the dog.

Winter Boots For Driving


When driving, you don’t want big bulky snow boots on. This is one occasion where snow boots don’t come out on top. When you have large boots on it’s very easy to catch two pedals or get your feet stuck under the pedals which can be very dangerous. When looking for winter boots for driving you will need something that doesn’t enlarge the size of your feet, so you can control the pedals as you would do normally.

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