The 3 Best Cold-Weather Boots to Buy Now

Warm and Waterproof
Here’s the thing about winter. It’s cold. It can be really, really (really) cold. I know that I seem to be stating the obvious, but most winter mornings I seem to try to bargain with the powers that be to make things a little toastier. Since that doesn’t seem to happen during icy winter months, I might just rely on Columbia women’s Minx Mid II OH Tweed cold weather boot to help me through the grey months ahead. These adorable boots tick all the comfy cozy boxes- quilting, tweed, faux fur and lace ups that ensure a snug fit all day. And they make a really cute version for your mini me as well.

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Another option – these Kamik Porto Insulated winter boots look like cozy but cute sleeping bags for your feet. Perfect for days when Mother Nature is determined to make the commute to work seem endless. Tired of looking at cute kitten videos all day? Kamik also makes sugar sweet boots for toddlers.

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If those boots don’t check all of the boxes, the Hi-Tec St Moritz Lite 200 WP II could be a great option for adults and children alike. Available in an array of colors, the faux fur fleece lined boot, made with specially trademarked insulation, traps heat ensuring warm feet for hours. No need to fear treading through snow or even walking on wet ground; these highly rated boots are stain resistant too. Hi-Tec’s Junior version is just as durable, making it the perfect addition to the arsenal of winter gear stock-piled for the long-anticipated snow day.

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