5 Must-Visit Places for Adventure Lovers

Everybody who goes on a holiday enjoys the vacation in a usual manner by either just lying on the beach or having some fun in hangouts etc. But later they happen to realise that they have wasted their time in just enjoying and feel that they have really missed out the real adventure, which is rather more fun and contentment in life. In this article, we shall make the adventure lovers travel across the five must-visit places around the world.

Here are the 5 Must-Visit Places for Adventure Lovers

There are some or the other destinations in the world that can attract adventurous people. However there are few that are in fact the most adventurous and thrilling. The influence of varied location and the nature have made them more beautiful. Here are few of the best destinations for adventure lovers.

New Zealand

It is certainly the land of adventure. In freezing icy waters you can adore white water pushing of class 5 waterfalls. You will definitely enjoy when you try ice climbing and glacier walks on Fox Glacier. You can play high in the sky hovering stunt plane and if you want to get still more adventurous, you can jump off an aeroplane from 16,500 ft in Able Tasman. Also, you can try paragliding and jumping and lastly enjoy swimming with dolphins. You can even trek on an active volcano, The Tongariro Crossing, if you feel you are strong enough.


You can enjoy the charming sight of Victoria Falls in Zambia. It will definitely satisfy your adventure desire. You can enjoy the white water rafting here. A helicopter will down up you through the bottomless maze of valleys. You can enjoy the largest water fall in the world. The most thrilling waterfalls on earth is offered by Zambezi River.


Fiji is the flawless destination to please your eagerness for adventure. You will be amazed, if you ride over a superb jungle canopy on the lengthiest Zip Line in the world and also on the Sigatoka River, the extraordinary speed Jet boating will give you a great pleasure. While your guide explores the old caves and deep forest, you can find the real descendants of Head Hunters. Also never miss the beautiful Upper Navua White Water rafting and the world class diving places.


The walks to Mount Everest Base Camp base and on the Annapurna Circuit are the main beautiful destinations of Nepal and also the travel through the country is frightening. One of the creepiest in the world is known to be the flying to Lukla. Nepal is a wonderful experience, if you paraglide over Pokhra.


Iceland is entirely a huge volcanic island. The geothermal movement that happens underground warmth the water of the island and crop bubbles to derive out of the ground. All these fizzy water bases strike with the ice-cold water of the waterfalls and develop eight hundred usual hot springs through the lovely scenery of Iceland.

Thus, a vacation, which is full of adventure travel, will indeed direct you home with memorable moments and interesting stories for your friends, and this once-in-a-lifetime experience will be more relaxed compared to the other usual vacation.

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